The Self-Portrait of Jonathan Jenkins


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The Self-Portrait of Jonathan Jenkins delves into the tension between the oft-conflicting bedfellows of artistry and business. Jonathan Jenkins is a young idyllic painter who get’s swept off his feet by the art world. He is given publicity and acclaim for his work but quickly realizes that there are other motives at work.

Other characters enter the scene one by one. There’s the militaristic agent Raymond Richter who will make Jonathan a star no matter what it costs, the sensuous and manipulative Regine LaRoux who’s primary goal is getting her gallery to succeed, the over-eager reporter Alita Allegra who is more concerned with making her career out of covering Jonathan’s rise to fame, and finally, the conniving lawyer Saxon Spellmeyer who has more stock in his paycheck than in Jonathan’s artistic merit.


Jonathan Jenkins – Baritone
Raymond Richter – Bass
Alita Allegra – Soprano
Regine LaRoux – Mezzo-Soprano
Saxon Spellmeyer – Tenor

Mixed Chorus: Patrons, Interns


Clarinet/Soprano Clarinet
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
French Horn
Trumpet in C
2 Percussion