Storm’s a’ Comin’


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Composed October-November 2012 between Hurricane Isaac and Super-storm Sandy. This piece was commissioned by Melissa Vaughan, and dedicated to those affected by those storms.

Storm’s a Comin’ represents the force of a hurricane. After a flurried introduction, we step into the calm before the storm, the time where everyone prepares and braces for what is to come. With a violent crash, the storm makes landfall, careening through smears, rapid passages that jump from register to register, and intermittent growling. Slowly, the storm melts away. This is an uncomfortable reprieve as the eye of the storm passes over, an unease represented in multiphonics. But this calm passes quickly and the storm surge rages back as the storm bands continue to pelt the coast. Destruction. The coast is left in tatters as people wander outside to take stock of what the passing storm has left them with. However, amid the chaos, there are glimpses of hope: a hint of a melody that goes on amidst the wreckage. That melody finally climbs out of the mire and leaves the affected with the hope that they can still go on to face another day.

Storm’s a Comin’ was commissioned by Melissa Vaughan. It makes use of extended techniques including multiphonics, growling, and smearing.