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This collection of miniatures began as a class project to set texts for each of the four basic
voice-types: Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, and Baritone/Bass. All of the text is taken from
the Free For All board, an anonymous online posting board hosted by the University Daily
Kansan. Each of these texts has a delightful comedic twist that I endeavored to depict in the
music: the painful sadness of “Ginger Problems,” the literal depiction of a car’s turn signal in
“Turn Signals,” the anger of the writer of “Misplaced Priorities,” and the operatic way that
someone proudly boasts of their achievements in “It’s Not That I’m Bored in Class.”

Misplaced Priorities

Whoever decided to make unpoppable bubblewrap needs to be punched!

#Ginger Problems

Got sunburned while having class outside…in the shade. #GingerProblems

Turn Signals

Appropriately using your turn signal is super sexy.

It’s Not That I’m Bored in Class

It’s not that I’m bored in class or anything, but there are one hundred and forty-two ceiling tiles in Budig 120.

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High Voice, Low Voice