Circus Suite



Circus Suite is a delightful collection of pieces intended to depict a day at the faire. The show begins with a visit to a flamboyant magician who seems to be using flashy gimmicks to attract an audience. Around the corner, one can see the circus clown, a character that no one seems to know what to make of. Sure he puts on a happy face but what is he really like underneath the make-up? The central movement of the piece is also the central piece of many a fair: the Carrousel. A favorite attraction for all generations, this golden building keeps spinning and spinning as the circus goes on. Next, we might catch a glimpse backstage of the “freaks” exhibit at the depressed Bearded Lady. Well how would you feel if you were a woman who had a beard? Then the grand finale! A visit to the ring where a charismatic lion tamer is putting on a grand show doing what he does best.

The piece is intended to be an enjoyable addition to any concert. It can be a good exercise for talented young players as well as a fun piece for more experienced players.