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Purchasing Step-by-Step

Music purchased on this site is sold in the form of digital downloads.

When you are ready to finish your purchase, click “Checkout.” Purchases are made through PayPal. When you complete your checkout, you will be temporarily redirected to a merchant portal. After purchase, you will be redirected back to the website and a download link will appear.

Note: Chamber works and large ensemble works are downloaded in ZIP folders. Songs and solo works consist of only a PDF.


Copyright of all works purchased on this site remains with Chris D. Burton. By purchasing music from, you are purchasing performance rights, limited storage rights, and limited printing rights. You, as the purchaser, may perform the work as many times as you would like. You, as the purchaser, may store one copy of the file on your computer. You, as the purchaser, may print the work as many times as necessary for your own private collection and performance needs.

Digital downloaded files from this site may not be sent, emailed, or distributed to anyone who has not purchased the work. Purchased works may be displayed or presented in an educational way, but students should be encouraged to purchase their own copies. Files downloaded from this site may not be sold in any way.


Recordings for private collections or archival reasons are acceptable. Recordings and videos of works purchased from this site may be distributed freely online, so long as the composer is credited, title is mentioned, and is linked. Recordings, audio or video, of works from this site may not be sold or monetized in any way without permission from the composer.