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Piano Piece selected for New Pieces Project

Piano StudentThe University of Central Missouri hosted a New Pieces Project where composers were asked to write for young players to give them new repertoire and a chance to learn how to analyze and practice new music. The Mild Conundrum of Mr. Fliverty Chase, telling the story of the adventures of mysterious individual, was chosen for this project. It will be prepared by one of their students and recorded for an April recital.

I’ll tell you a little bit about the piece: I wanted to give the younger player something to use their imagination on. This piece actually has no set story line and, as you can see, a lot of story (or maybe just a little story) can be inferred from the title. I want the students who play the piece to figure out what they think Mr. Chase’s conundrum might be. I plan to continue the “Fliverty Chase” story-line at some point, so more keep an eye out for that.

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